Tips to get your nutrition plan back on track after the holidays

Oatmeal, almonds, and fruit

By: Joy D. Evans, UWO Health Advocate

The holidays are full of food, fun and spending time with families; but mostly food. We usually cheat in our diets and eat as much as our hearts desire. Afterwards, however, we usually regret it all and struggle to get back into our diets. Here are a few tips on getting back on track.

1.  Don’t beat yourself up.

You can’t take back what happened during the holidays (and you wouldn’t want to) so treat the day as any other.

2. Stock up on healthy foods.

Your fridge may contain a lot of sweets and leftovers but keeping healthy foods in your fridge and/ or choosing healthier options will help you not feel as guilty when you choose the other option.

3. Put food away.

Food always looks good when it’s sitting out in front of you. Stash it away so it’ll be less tempting to eat when you’re at a low point. Out of sight, out of mind

4. Eat leftovers sitting down.

When you sneak a few bites of something out of the fridge, your body doesn’t register it as a meal- no matter how many bites you take- because it’s hard for you brain to process how much you’re eating when you’re shoving down food without thinking.

5. When eating leftovers, use smaller plates.

Eating a lot during the holidays won’t kill you but eating big portions such as those everyday will catch up to you.