Time Management for Winterim Classes

January 4 2018 Planner

By Jasmine Pickett, UWO Health Advocate

Interim classes can be a great way for students to lighten up their course load during the fall and spring semesters and it allows them to focus on one class for 3 weeks. Although there are many benefits to taking an interim class, it can be easy to overestimate free time. Are you taking an interim this winter and wondering how you can manage your time better? The following tips can help you manage your time well so that you can be successful and make the most of your time this interim.

Create a plan for each day

  • In your daily plan make a list of tasks that you will prioritize for each day.
  • Make your list realistic.
  • Avoid making your list too long.

Designate a time slot for each task

  • Schedule a time in your daily planner to complete each task.
  • Don’t underestimate the amount of time it may take to complete a task. If it helps, add extra time to each task.

Use a calendar

  • Include all assignment due dates, test dates, and any other important dates.

Plan ahead

  • Avoid procrastinating!
  • Develop a plan to complete each task included in your daily plan.

Prioritize your tasks

  • Focus on completing tasks that are due soon.

Stick to your plan!

Things to include in your daily plan:Young-man-studying-in-the-library

  • Class time
  • Study time
  • Breaks between studying
  • Self-care time
  • Exercise
  • Work Shifts
  • Sleep
  • Meals
  • Time to spend with friends