Healthy Eating for your Lifestyle


By Lauren Stenzel, UWO Health Advocate

The month of March is considered National Nutrition Month. It is important to maintain healthy eating habits, but it is just as important to keep in mind what your lifestyle is like. Here are a few tips and tricks for a few common lifestyles in order to do this.

It is important to keep nutritious foods around the house. A few examples would include fruits, yogurt, peanut butter, whole grain bread, and canned tuna. You can always mix it up by adding different fruits to your yogurt.

It is important to always take advantage of healthy options around the cafeteria. Items to look for include vegetables, salads (but do not add a lot of dressing), baked chicken or other lean proteins, whole grains, and fruit.

If you are consume a vegetarian or vegan diet, it is important to include enough protein rich foods. Items to include in your daily meals include beans, peas, lentils, nuts, seeds, and soy products.

If you are looking to save time in your day, or you just do not know what you are going to eat for lunch the next day, an easy way to prepare for this is by cooking extra portions. A few options to do this with include lean meats, brown rice, beans, and vegetables.

Choose water, unsweetened tea, or other drinks without added sugars. Consider sharing a dish with a family member or packing up half of your entrée to go to save for another meal. Start your meal with a salad packed with vegetables to help you feel satisfied sooner. Ask for the dressing on the side.

Frozen dinners often cost more per meal than if you were to make them fresh at home. They also tend to have unhealthy amounts of sodium. Instead, try making several servings of your own favorite meal, and freeze a few portions for later on.