5 Easy Ways to Manage Money While You Travel


Whether you are traveling abroad or taking a weekend getaway, use these tips from UW Credit Union to manage your money safely and easily.

Update Your Travel Plans 

Before you leave for your trip, be sure to complete the Travel Plans form in Web Branch. The form asks you to list the start and end date of your trip, the states or countries where you’ll be traveling and if you can be reached by phone or email. Filling out this form will help us determine legitimate credit and debit transactions while you’re traveling. Visa® credit and debit cards can both be used internationally, wherever Visa cards are accepted. Update your travel plans in Web Branch.

Bring Multiple Travel-ready Cards 

When traveling, it is important to have at least two cards, one debit card and one credit card, in case one gets lost or stolen. When getting cash, keep in mind that the ATM owner may assess a fee. Visa assesses a 1% fee or .8% for international transactions processed through their network. UW Credit Union does not impose any additional fees.

In addition, keep customer service phone numbers handy to address any issues that may arise. For added security, ensure your cards are updated to chip cards. All UW Credit Union cardholders should have received new chip cards. If you haven’t, stop by a branch to apply for and go home with an Instant Issue chip credit or debit card the same day.

Download Our Mobile App 

No matter where you go, take your accounts with you with our Mobile App. While traveling, you can manage your money on any device. In addition, to make traveling easier, the App includes a surcharge-free ATM locator using your GPS location.

Get Foreign Currency 

If traveling to a foreign country, make sure you get at least $100 in the local currency ahead of time, to cover any expenses that arise upon arrival, so you don’t have to stress about immediately making it to a currency exchange. This money will be useful for food, taxis or tips.

Prepare Your Accounts 

If you access Web Branch outside the U.S., you will encounter additional security steps designed to protect your account. We recommend you add at least one of these authentication methods before traveling to a foreign country: Install the Google Authenticator app or print a personalized VerifyU Key.

In addition, ensure all your contact information is up to date in Web Branch to be prepared in case the card issuer needs to verify any transactions that take place. Lastly, set up Email & Text Alerts to get balance alerts or other information quickly.

Have a Question? We’re Here to Help

To learn more, visit UW Credit Union website at uwcu.org or stop by the branch on campus.