Tips for Green Living in College

Person biking to class

By Shonte Bell, UWO Health Advocate

There are many ways to reduce your resource footprint living on campus as a college student. Here are some tips on how to be a sustainable college student:

1. Save energy

  • Turn the lights off: Turn every light off when leaving a room and turn off any unnecessary light while in the room. Open the blinds in the day to make use of the sun’s natural light.
  • Pull the plug: When leaving for a long period of time or if they are not in use unplug devices. Many devices like TVs, game consoles, speakers, chargers, coffee makers etc still use electricity even when turned off.
  • Laundry: save energy by simply washing clothes in cold water and only washing full loads.

2. Waste less

  • Recycle
  • Print less

Try some paper saving techniques like: printing double-sided paper, saving scrap paper for later use, using recycled paper, if you have to print recycle the paper after you are done with it.

  • Bring your own bag

When going shopping use a reusable bag. Plastic bags do not decompose once they’re trashed, and take a lot of resources to be produced.

  • E-notes and E-books

Instead of using notebooks or binders, take notes on a laptop or a tablet.

Use online books instead of buying textbooks.

  • Shorter showers

Taking a 10 minute shower uses about 25 gallons of water. Make it a personal goal to take shorter showers, every less minute you save 2.5 gallons.

  • Turn off water

When brushing your teeth turn the water off.

3. Around campus

  • Walk and Bike

Walking as much as possible and reduce your resource footprint.

Choose to bike to class. If you don’t have a bike on campus, the Student Recreation and Wellness Center on campus have rentals.

  • Titan Transit

Use on campus transportation. Services are free to UWO students.