The Silent Crisis of Men’s Mental Health

by Ashley Brouillard, UWO Health Advocate

Top 5 Mental Health Illnesses Among Men:

  1. Depression (affects 6 million men/year)
    • Male symptoms are more likely to reflect in a loss of interest and energy in work and hobbies, fatigue, and irritability.
    • A large amount of depression cases in men go undiagnosed.
  2. Anxiety (affects 3 million men/year)
  3. Bipolar Disorder (affects 1.15 million men/year)
  4. Psychosis/Schizophrenia (90% of those diagnosed over the age of 30 are men)
  5. Eating Disorders (35% of Binge eating disorders are experienced by males)

Suicide Facts

  • The highest suicide rates in the US are that of Caucasian men over 85 years old.
  • Gay males are much more likely to commit suicide than heterosexual males.
  • Suicide is the 7th leading cause of death in males.
  • Men are more than 4 times as likely to die from suicide than women.

Substance Abuse

  • 1 in 5 males will experience alcohol dependency during their lives.
  • Homosexual men are more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs than heterosexual men.
  • Male veterans experience twice the rate of alcohol and drug use as women.

Seeking Treatment

  • Men are much less likely to seek help, treatment, and talk about their mental health due to:
    • Social Norms
    • A reluctance to talk
    • Downplaying their symptoms

It is up to us to help raise awareness on the importance of men’s health (specifically mental health), in order to break the stigma surrounding mental health, as well as decrease their reluctance to talk due to these social norms that society has artificially constructed.